Soil depletion is among the greatest challenges our world currently faces, causing agricultural shortages and extreme ecological imbalances.

A central concern of Denizen Media is how healing can be achieved, and we are following closely the news surrounding Soil Foodweb, a science-based microbiological approach to soil rejuvenation. This system was developed by scientist Elaine Ingham, and is currently being implemented in Mexico, Haiti, and the US by Soil Foodweb Advisor Doug Weatherbee.

This technique dramatically improves crop yield and productivity while reducing dependence on chemicals and irrigation. It has implications for agriculture, reforestation, and social development, and its applications range from small-scale enterprises with local growers, to the grander scale of industrial agriculture.

Your support for a documentary film on this subject will bring the results of these efforts to a wider audience, in hopes they may be scaled and replicated.