Housing Solutions

Recent flooding in Houston and wildfires in California have created urgent housing needs among those displaced. Movable houses, a.k.a. tiny houses on wheels, provide a unique and immediate solution—as their design allows for mobility.


Denizen is collaborating with Wyck, a Virginia-based  movable-house construction company, to provide homes to people who have lost theirs in natural disasters. Unlike most movable homes on the market, Wyck's are constructed from fire retardant materials. They are also designed with a love of detail, and a discerning consideration of how people can live comfortably  in small spaces.


Those who lost their homes in these events found safe haven in relief centers, and within a few weeks many were able to move on to new accommodations. However, those remaining have no place to go. With no insurance, these are the ones who have the fewest resources to rebuild their lives. In many cases they also lost their livelihoods. These are the target recipients of the Denizen homes.


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